Elephants Crossing the Pan

Don Bell has painted and illustrated wildlife art since 1990 using his experiences in the wild in game reserves of Southern Africa.
Wildlife Animals and Birds, Domestic Pets and Animal Cartoons – all expertly done in oils, watercolors or pencil. Fine art, contemporary or cartoon works done on canvas, special papers and cards to sizes to suit your needs.
Works can be configured to replicate your special experiences with animals such as producing the animal in a setting. Studies can be made from your photographs.

Animal Art for Sale by Don Bell


Oryx Search and Rescue

Don Bell’s Aviation Art Gallery of works for sale is situated in the Port Elizabeth SAAF Museum together with his Art Collection of permanently displayed SAAF aircraft paintings and illustrations on loan to the museum.
Aircraft of all types are meticulously painted or illustrated in fine detail. Vintage craft, war birds – old and new as well as commercial and private planes are created with authentic liveries and backgrounds.
The artist conducts extensive research to ensure that the aircraft he produces are correct in every detail possible.

Aviation Art for Sale by Don Bell


Montagu Landscape

One of Don Bell’s passions is to travel and paint the magnificent landscapes of South Africa. From the Cape Fold Mountains up into the escarpments of the Little Karoo and Great Karoo, endless opportunities abound for artists and travelers.
Don provides realistic, fine art works and takes the trouble to ensure that the terrain and flora are true to each area.

Landscapes for Sale by Don Bell


Saint Francis Seascape

Don Bell lives in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, part of the Nelson Mandela Metro of the Eastern Cape Province. It goes without saying that the artist has a love for the sea and endless coastline and enjoys painting these areas.
Take a look at some of the paintings in this section and imagine a seascape hanging in your home or office reminding you of fresh sea breezes, holidays and the beauty of nature.

Seascapes for Sale by Don Bell

Still Lifes

Still Lifes

Don Bell was personally tutored and mentored in still life works by well known artist Andre’ Vancoillie.
The impact of working under Vancoillie’ is still evident, forty five years onward in Don’s still life work. Uncompromising fine art detailed to perfection and contemporary studies are his favorites.
Commissions are executed with great care to create works which will inspire, be decoratively appealing, stand the test of time and compliment the décor surrounding it.

Still Lifes for Sale by Don Bell


Nelson Mandela

Don Bell has painted many portraits of people, but his favourite is the large magnificent “Freedom Smile” of Nelson Mandela he did in 2002. A custom designed frame was designed and created especially by Don and his business partner, Malcolm Topper with the metalwork by well known sculptor Werner Lemmer.
Don works from photos or sittings, depending on your preference.

Portraits for Sale by Don Bell


Rhino Photography

Another passion of Don Bell’s is to photograph, photograph, and photograph. He never leaves home without his camera and because of this, has been able to capture and create images of every imaginable subject.
Don also digitally copies all his paintings and illustrations and together with his photographic images makes these available as artist signed prints on request.

Photographs for Sale by Don Bell

Other Art

Khoisan Bushman

Don Bell produces many different Contemporary artwork techniques range from pen-graphic symbolism to modern stipple effect and range from architectural perspectives, engineering equipment drawings, interior décor design, exhibition displays, computer multi-media and advertising material.
He also does transport related art including cars, trains and motorcycles. Vintage vehicles to hi-tech modern engineering wonders.

Other Art for Sale by Don Bell

Recent Don Bell Art Works Released for Sale: